Article » Buying a Luxury Boat – A Guide

Buying a luxury boat is a very big expenditure so you will want to make sure that every penny is well spent and that you get the most from your new motor cruiser. Whether you buy from brand new, or you come across a second hand motor cruiser for sale, this guide will help you in going through the process of buying a luxury boat.

Motor Cruiser For Sale

Buying Motor Cruisers

  • Before you actually buy your motor cruiser, you are going to have to do some research to get an idea of values for motor cruisers for sale and also exactly what you need and don’t need from the boat. Buy lots of boating magazines and look on the internet for reviews of different motor cruisers.
  • Going to a boat show is by far the best place to look at and compare different motor cruisers. You will be able to evaluate the size, style and equipment levels and compare them to your budget.
  • When you are working out your budget, remember to factor in things such as mooring fees, fuel & oil and insurance.
  • If you plan to buy your motor cruiser from new, introduce yourself to the dealers and discuss with them what you want from your new boat. The salesman will be able to supply you with all the information you need before you proceed. Remember to ask about production schedules and delivery times as it may be more than a year between placing your order and taking delivery of the motor cruiser.
  • If you are at a boat show and are in a financial position to make an offer do so. Many manufacturers of motor cruisers will offer boat show specials which could include discounts or extra equipment. Boats such as the Sunseeker 82 are very, very expensive but you may be able to negotiate a price. Be careful with special offers however as they can be confusing.
  • The same process applies if you have found a second hand motor cruiser for sale and intend to buy that. With a second hand boat however, you need to take into account things such as wear and tear and any repairs. If you are unsure, you could have the boat professionally inspected or if the motor cruiser you are looking at is slightly smaller you could take somebody with you who is experienced in buying boats.