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Meteorology at sea forum One of the most important considerations when going afloat is the weather, this forum is the place to discuss everything from forecasting through to weather routing.

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Old 19-04-2008
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Default Sea Breezes


I would like to know more about how sea breezes develop and under what conditions, what weather conditions do you need for them to start etc.


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Old 06-08-2008
roy-the-boat roy-the-boat is offline
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the conditions they start are sunny days
The calmer the weather the more noticeable they are. They reach just offshore maybe 2 miles usually 1 mile
Heating and cooling of the land mass is the cause.
As the land heats up during the day the air above the land raises causing cooler air over the sea to rush in and replace it,
As the land mass cools more than the sea during darkness the opposite effect is created
In general afternoon and evening more onshore wind, with mornings more offshore winds
These winds can be added or taken from the general wind increasing it or decreasing it significantly therefore small boat sailors should be aware of this.
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Old 03-10-2008
Matthames Matthames is offline
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I know quite a bit about sea breezes. They are basically a circulation that is confined to the boundary layer, ie below 1000ft. The conditions to look for are lines of cumulus clouds along the coast and clear skys seawards. This is a big clue that the circulation has been set up.

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Old 17-01-2009
Doug Stormforce Doug Stormforce is offline
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As above

You will also need clear skies in the morning to allow the land to warm up as well as light winds. If you alreay have a decent wind the sea breeze will not get a cance to kick in.

In many resorts they can tell you what time the sea breeze will kick in every day month by month. IN the UK we tend to get them most on the S coast in the summer months on windless morinings. Typically kicking in between 1100 and 1300
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Old 29-05-2009
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I am a little confused as to what that has to do with sea breezes.I do not know what you are talking about.Could you tell please.
Cheers Sue
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Old 30-05-2009
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Hi Sue - you must be too young to know what SPAM looks like ???
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Old 12-06-2011
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Hmm interesting, I live close to the water and this just about explains everything. Nothing smells better than a nice cool sea breeze.
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Old 12-06-2011
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Originally Posted by ninjashoes View Post
Nothing smells better than a nice cool sea breeze.
50 note ?
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